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Thomas [Mitch] Mitchell Edwards III
Ardent Sin (Original)



21; Born: June 1st, 1897

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Player: Kate; [personal profile] mellonemrys 

Character Name, Canon, and Journal: Thomas Mitchell [Mitch] Edwards III; Ardent Sin; [personal profile] euroloper 

Original Application: Link

New History: Note: Ardent Sin follows an alternate history where the German Empire succeeded in winning WWI (which will be referred to by the contemporary term: the Great War). Some historical figures and facts are still present, however this telling of history is largely fictional.

After the air raid on the 13th of June 1917, Mitch woke up in a makeshift medical centre based in the gymnasium of a school. He was banged up, but mostly alright and quickly began searching for Allen and Rei. He looked in every possible care centre, hospital, doctor’s office, church and school before starting to search the morgues and lines of bodies laid out anywhere there was space for them. It wasn’t until four days later that he came across his brother and Allen and Rei while making the rounds. They returned to his grandparent’s house in Knightsbridge, gathered their things and made for Edinburgh after making arrangements for his grandparents to visit his great aunt in the country.

In Edinburgh they were taken in by a friend of Mitch and Allen’s father, from his University days. There they were able to regroup and try to decide what to do next. Mitch got a job at the University of Edinburgh in their library while Allen enrolled there and Rei found a waitressing job. As the months progressed however, the situation in Europe grew darker. The German Empire won more battles than it lost and advanced its troops, even crossing the English Channel into the United Kingdom. Mitch itched to go back to London, and eventually the continent in order to help the Entente forces in any way he could. But with Allen finally back in school again, he couldn’t justify uprooting him again, just to rush into the middle of a battle field.

In November 1918, Crown Prince Wilhelm III takes the throne after his father's unexpected and unexplained death. There is speculation outside of the German Empire that Wilhelm murdered his father in order to get his hands on the throne. He contains the German Revolution, promising reforms as soon as the war comes to an end. The German Empire successfully captures enough Entente supplies to continue the war, then uses technology acquired from stolen Atlantian secrets to end and win the war. This changes the face of Europe forever, now placing much of it under the rule of the German Empire. They begin to slowly round up magic users and former Entente soldiers and agents in order to keep a better eye on them. Mitch asks his brother to forge new documents for them, painting them as German citizens in case they have to go anywhere in a hurry.

In early 1919 Mitch and Rei head back to London to resume looking for clues to the whereabouts of Rei’s younger brother. Allen however stays in Edinburgh until the term is over and then transfers to Oxford University in order to complete his degree in Linguistics. While in London, Mitch and Rei fail to find much, but some of Mitch’s contacts tell him of rebel groups cropping up in various parts of Europe with the goal to overthrow the German Empire. He was approached by MI14, a British Intelligence Agency based in America, but turned them down, preferring not to be tied to any particular group at the time. He also had contacts involved with the Secours de ce Monde based in Paris and considered taking their search there as there were rumours of some British patients being taken to France and then moved to neutral Spain.

By 1925 Allen had graduated from Oxford and they’d followed rumours of Raito to Paris. After connecting with some of Mitch and Allen’s contacts, they eventually find Rei’s brother, almost 10 years after Rei initially set out to find him. They discover that he’d been living with his primary care nurse, Marie Stauffan since the end of the war. Much to Rei’s despair, he’d also suffered some head trauma during an air raid while still in London that left him without the majourity of his early memories. Including his memories of her and their parents.

Raito luckily still wants to attempt to have a relationship with his sister though, so they decide to stay in Paris. Mitch joins the Secours, as an informant and spy, whom Raito has been involved with almost as long as he’s been in Paris. They meet quite a few of Raito’s contacts and he manages to get a job as a clerk in the German Empire’s government offices in Paris. Rei finds an auto repair shop to apprentice at, and Allen helps the Secours as a translator, and as a double agent within the German Empire’s cryptology department. Once they settle down, Mitch finally proposes to Rei, under the Eiffel Tower.

A little over a year later, Mitch and Rei get married in Paris. But Mitch is very disappointed when his father refuses to come to the wedding, too involved in his San Gréal research to bother. At that point, Mitch writes off his father and decides not to speak with him again if he can help it. Things begin to get more complicated in Paris when a large team of Atlantians take up residence in the city. While there had been parties from the island in Europe and other countries around the world since the Great War had ended, this group was substantial as it had a number of the island nation’s Warriors amoung its numbers. With serious help from Atlantis, the Secours began to step up their agendas and Mitch began to worry more about Paris turning into a battle field.

On December 1st, 1928, Rei gave birth to their first child, Monako Lise Edwards (her name being inspired by the Mona Lisa). With the Secours and the Atlantians practically at war with the German Empire’s forces in Paris, Mitch tries to pull out of the rebel organization. However he’d managed to work his way up to being the secretary of Generalmajor Elliot Wasser, the officer in charge of most of the Empire’s activities in Paris. Unable to back out of job, he stays but looks for a way to get his family out of Paris and out of harm’s way.

The effects of various rebel groups begins to show in August of 1929 when Kaiser Wilhelm III begins to alienate Italy which in return begins to pull its support from German occupied Europe. Earlier in the year, the Secours had also helped a sizable group of MI14 agents sneak into Europe to help other rebel forces. Even without a central group controlling the various sects, the rebels are starting to make an impact. To which the German Empire answers with brute force, seeking out anyone not loyal to the Empire within their borders. It also drives Wilhelm to give into pressure from the National Socialist German Workers' Party to begin to segregate minorities from the general population. Additionally the Atlantians learn that the Germans will have a nuclear weapon ready for use within the next 2 years.

By June of 1930, much of Europe is again in a state of unrest as Italy pulls all its support from German occupied Europe, and the various rebel groups help organize a secret conference in the Middle East to discuss strategy. It takes until another conference is held in December of 1930, where various rebel leaders beg for help from a coalition force. The talks develop a tentative force of Russia, Western and French Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, the US, Atlantis and various independent groups from across Europe. In mid 1931, the various forces sign treaties, and in September the overseas forces begin to converge in Italy. As the tensions built, Mitch began looking for other work and started working part time at the Université de Paris’ library. He was still very valuable to the coalition forces, and was coaxed into staying in his position at the government offices.

In 1932 the Allied Coalition made its first attacks against the German Empire. The Coalition was able to make quick progress due to the rebel’s extensive network of spies, informants and guerilla agents. Generalmajor Wasser is eventually called back to Germany, but not before information is leaked to him about Mitch’s true alliances. The information causes Mitch to want to leave the country, but Rei is pregnant again, so they stay, going to ground with the help of the Secours. On July 17th 1934, Alecsander Ryuunosuke Edwards is born. Not a month later, Kaiser Wilhelm III is captured and executed. While this marks the end of the threat of most of the German Empire, Mitch is still worried about his family, so he moves Rei, Mona and Alec to Cairo in October of 1934. Allen joins them soon after, but Mitch returns to France to help the Secours finish tying up the loose ends of the war.

Small skirmishes continue with the outlying forces of the German Empire, and Mitch mostly helps with translating the statements of prisoners and various documents. Word reaches him in April of 1935 that his grandmother had died and left him the family’s estate in Knightsbridge, London. His grandfather had died a few years earlier and with his father estranged from the family, the estate and family fortune had been divided between himself and Allen. Later that year a ceasefire was declared and peace treaties signed by the remaining German officials. Work on dismantling the German Empire began and Mitch was able to go back to Cairo to help his family move to London. Reunited with his family finally, Mitch took some time to reconnect with them, especially his children. Mitch is offered a job at the London Library, and he takes it, though he soon starts to write about his experiences throughout the Great War, and the war with the German Empire. This leads him to begin writing fiction, which his family encouraged him to get published. Meanwhile, Rei had managed to open up her own mechanics shop and began to offer apprenticeships to young women interested in the trade. With the war at an end, Raito also comes to live with them in London, and realizes the magic that both Mona and Alec are exhibiting. He quickly takes on Mona as a student and plans to teach Alec once he’s older as well.

In 1940, Generalmajor Wasser and a team of other ex-German military officers break into his house in an attempt to get even with him for all the information he passed along to the Secours over the years. Generalmajor Wasser threatens Mona and Alec, but Raito is able to help fend them off until the police come. The entire family is shaken by the event, especially the children though. Mona develops a fear of fire after Generalmajor Wasser used his magic to scare her, and Alec develops a phobia of guns and blood. Not long after, Mitch gets his first novel published and agrees to do some talks around London, but still doesn’t feel comfortable leaving his family so soon after they’d been attacked. But Mitch is happy with his career choice, even though he had to give up his dream to become an architectural anthropologist, he still visits buildings of architectural significance and writes about them. Eventually he collects his writings into his first non-fiction book and has it published. With both Alec and Mona in school, and Rei running a business, Mitch decides to only work at the library on weekends so he can be home during the weekdays for the children. Some of the other families in the neighbourhood look down on them for their ‘unconventional’ lives, and their children’s magical abilities, but Mitch mostly ignores the gossip.

He continued to help his younger brother and brother-in-law supplement his children’s educations with language, fencing and magic lessons. Mona eventually graduated and moved onto University. As Alec got older though, he started getting into more trouble which resulted in an expulsion from his secondary school. He admitted to his mother and father that he had been sneaking into another boy’s room when he’d been caught. Mitch hadn’t expected this from his son of all people, but Allen agreed to talk with him and at least give the 14 year old some advice on the matter. Mitch and Rei arranged for him to transfer to Eton and board there. But Mitch continued to worry about his son and the choices he made. He also wished that Alec wasn’t so like him when it came to attitude. He’d had a hard time fitting into proper school. But Alec’s problem seemed less about not agreeing with his teachers and more about bending and breaking school rules.

When Alec settled in at his new school however, it was a relief and Mitch took the opportunity to travel with Rei. At the age of 53, he had a wonderful wife to keep him in line. Two children who were more than a handful. And a successful writing career. It was a long way from getting chased out of backwater villages for saying the wrong thing to the mayor’s daughter, stealing bread and forging documents for some quick cash while on the run.

New Abilities: None...other than more epic card cataloging and writing skills.

Personality Changes?: As Mitch becomes closer to Rei and eventually has a family of his own, ‘adventure’ takes a backseat to protecting them. While he still enjoys architecture, he’s no longer stupid enough to break into a site, and honestly has enough connections to get permission to go into any site or building he may want to see. Losing this slightly more reckless side of him has come with age and learning patience.

He’s still a bit of a goof, but it is clear that the years of war helped him grow up. He still takes his work seriously, and enjoys a challenge when it comes his way (so long as its legal). His protective nature never changed, and the threats to his family caused him to be a little over protective. He wanted to make sure Rei, Mona and Alec would all be able to defend themselves in case the need arose. He’s become more cautious when it comes to interacting with new people.

Mitch is still caring and fairly easy going. But has lost some of his judgmental tendencies over the years. He is more willing to hear all sides of a story before acting and wants to be fair when judging someone and/or their actions.
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You have reached 'Mitch Edwards'. Please leave a message after the tone.
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Allen...I wish you would speak with me.

[Quiet rustling as though someone is turning the page of a book.]

Allie, please? I don't want to have to beg you.

Maybe you should.


What do you want Mitchell?

I want to say I'm sorry, for everything.

Apologize to Duo then, he's the one you really hurt with all this bullshit. And for that matter, apologize to Rei.

[There's silence for a few minutes.]

I mean it Mitch. Before you can make right with me, you need to make it right with them.

...I...I only acted like this because I was scared for you.

So that gives you an excuse to be an asshole? 'That what you're sayin'?

No! I'm not lookin' for an excuse...I'm just tryin' to explain...

You're still my daft older brother Mitch...


I mean it. You being stupid isn't going to change that. Jus' next time, think before you go 'round blaming people for somethin' that was out of their hands.

I'll try-

No you will.

Alright, alright...I will.

And while you're at it, stop callin' me Allie. I'm not a child anymore.

Ah, but see, you're always gonna be my kid brother.

How is that better!?

Jus' is.

You're a right bastard, you know that?

Course I do, now at least.
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I saw you needed bar tenders for your new club. I've got a little experience, but I think I may have to work on those fruity drinks a lot of people seem to like.
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You should not move around, you will only re-injure yourself.

...huh? Who...no...what are you?

That is not important at the moment. You need medical attention. Please stay still.

*rustling and groans of pain are heard* Rei...I have to find Rei. She's...she must be hurt!

If you do not stay still I will knock you out myself. I do not have time to deal with your self inflicted injuries.

You don't understand...

...no I do not, but I am willing to help you. I am Patamon...

Mitchell...Mitch for short...

Alright Mitchell, we need to get you to a hospital.


[[Note: See this entry on Mitch's old journal for comments on this post.]]


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